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Hello and welcome to my humble little piece of paradise, for me anyway.


I’m a stay at home mom of two little monsters….  Ummm kids and I love to read and coffee runs through my veins . I read pretty much a little of everything but I tend to like fantasy the most. I blame Sarah J Maas who got me stated into the fantasy genre…but to be honest I read most of everything and it just depends what I’m in the mood for. I also read a lot of YA. Don’t judge ….lol

When I’m not reading I love to spend time with the family of course, I also like to watch TV and love to find new shows to binge. Gaming is another thing I like to do and is easy to get me sucked into a game for hours or even days.  Don’t even get me started on Lego games ……addictive …..lol

So as you can see I’m like all over the place but reading is always the thing that I come back to. It helps me relax and lets me jumps on so many new exciting worlds.

I love to meet new people who share the love for book as I do and in my many years of reading and reviewing I met some truly awesome people. Which honestly is the best part about the book word…..meeting so many new and lovely people.

I’m not in any way a professional reviewer. I just like to read books and share my personal opinion with other book lovers.

If you have any books to review you can contact me at snoopydoo77@yahoo.com or use the contact form after reading the review policy below.

Not reviewing any E-copies at the moment, only hard copies. Hardcovers and/or paperbacks. Please email me for mailing address. Thank you 

Review Policy

Up to this point I did not have any rules or guidelines about reviewing but as the blog grows and I get more requests I really need to set up some guidelines.

So here it goes.

  • I accept books from publishers and authors, including self-published books. In order for me to review your book, please contact me with the burb and the genre. I will get back to you when and if I decide to review it.
  • I will NOT read unsolicited books. If you send a book without my prior agreement to review it, I WILL NOT read or review said book. All unsolicited books, E-copies and print, will be disposed of at my discretion. I know it is harsh but that way you will avoid a negative review because it is a genre I do not like. If you want me to take the time to read and review the book, please take the time to contact me first and see if it is something I would read.
  • If I agree to review your book, I will post any and all reviews that includes negative reviews as well. I will state my own personal opinion and thoughts about the book. I will not trash a book or author. If I do not like a book it is nothing against the author. So please no hate mails and no asking if I can remove the review because I will not. Please make sure you are okay with an honest review before requesting a review of your book.
  • I review paperbacks, hard covers and e-books. I do prefer print copies over e-copies as I through them faster.
  • I’m pretty open about genres but paranormal romance, urban fantasy, dystopian, and chick lit are my favorite genres. I also enjoy fantasy and mystery books, YA/NA and Adult books. I’m not a huge fan of historical romance but do read and review them on occasion. I give almost all books or genres a try, just contact me and we can see if your book fits into a review slot.

These are the few I will NOT  review:

Poetry- any Christian and or religious books-political nonfiction or just nonfiction in general . I also don’t review  anthology books

Rating System:

5★    loved it and will for sure reread at some point

4★ loved it

3 ★liked it

2 ★could have been better

1 ★ did not like it

DNF-disliked it so much I did not finish the book


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