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Today’s stop is for Una Tiers’s Judge Vs. Water. We will have info about the book and author, and a great excerpt from the book, plus a great giveaway. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway.

Happy Reading 🙂

With a splash, fifty years of lies were revealed. Join Fiona Gavelle, lawyer and part time sleuth in solving the mystery. Meet her unusual clients and visit Chicago, Illinois without leaving the warmth of your Kindle. Disclaimer, this book does not include any car chases, no one runs down a dark alley at midnight and no one has a locker at the bus station..
**On sale for only $2.99 now!!**

The woman stared at me. “Mildred isn’t here, did you say she made an appointment to see me?”
She shook her head and formed a grim smile in annoyance, examining me closely for complicit behavior.
“Mildred Shoe is your attorney, right?” I asked.
Before she answered, our attention was drawn to a ‘plop tap’ sound. It was getting louder while maintaining a consistent rhythm. Turning, we saw Mildred, running in heels. Her pearls were swinging from side to side while she clutched her briefcase to her bosom.
Halfway up the stairs, she stopped to catch her breath. Maybe it was to garner sympathy or to measure how much of her treacherous behavior had been exposed. Gingerly, she walked up to the porch, still huffing and puffing. Her eyes darted again from the woman standing in the doorway to me and she smiled weakly.
We glared at Mildred to be certain she got the point that we felt like pawns.
“Mother, Fiona, I can explain.”

Adam Curie is one of the oldest judges on the bench in Cook County, Illinois. He is at least eighty. I’m not certain but I think he only works part-time. Everyone loves him. When he walks into a reception, people surround him like he’s a rock star.
We have a driving relationship, he gets invited to the best receptions (bar groups and some political ones) and I drive. He is as politically connected as a person can be. He’s also as wrinkled as any elephant at the Lincoln Park Zoo.
While we talked, I pictured his eyes twinkling with mischief. A small worry pushed into my thoughts. In the last several months Judge Curie has spent a lot of time at the emergency room on one medical issue or another. The day after he makes Methuselah look like a seventh-grader.
The hospital doesn’t keep him overnight. He says they make him wait several hours, run tests and send him home in the bewitching hour.

Una Tiers (nom de plume) is an avid reader, attorney and independent author in the Chicago area. Her early reading enthusiasm exhausted her grammar school library and she was introduced to the magnificence of the downtown Chicago Public Library. Years later, she had the honor to take writing classes with Harry Mark Petrakis, downing a bowl of cheddar chowder after class.
Over the years, creative writing took a backseat to drafting legal documents. After one particularly brutal day in court, Una wrote a story murdering the problem judge (on paper). Feeling better, she returned to work. Adding additional victims proved to be a stress reliever making Una smile. The story grew into Judge vs Nuts.
Una has several novels and novellas. I encourage you to take a chance. You will be entertained and surreptitiously educated to the law as it is in probate.
When she is not murdering people (on paper) Una has a scratch and sniff garden, including chocolate mint, dill, lavender, rosemary and cilantro. In 2018, she planted a Hyacinth bean and is waiting for the promises on the packet.
The next full length novel, Judge vs. Michigan, takes you on a dinner cruise from Navy Pier. Can you swim?
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5 Replies to “Blog Tour: Judge Vs. Water by Una Tiers with Excerpt and Giveaway”

  1. Tracy Urschler says:

    Looks like a very entertaining read!!!

  2. Una Tiers says:

    Dear Snoopy Doo:
    Thank you for being part of my first book blog tour.
    Una Tiers

  3. Amber N says:

    Sounds intriguing.

    • Una Tiers says:

      Thanks Amber. This book will be on sale again later in January. I hope you’ll give us a try.
      Dorothy Daisy, one of my favorites is on a kindle countdown today 1/14/2020.
      Una Tiers