Review: Gimme Some Sugar (Southern Eclectic #3) by Molly Harper



A young widow returns to Lake Sackett, Georgia to face the ghosts of her past—and decide if she’s ready to take another chance on love—in the third sparkling Southern Eclectic novel that “goes down as easy as honey on a deep-fried Twinkie” (Library Journal, on Sweet Tea and Sympathy).

Lucy Brewer would never have guessed that her best friend, Duffy McCready (of McCready’s Bait Shop & Funeral Home) has been in love with her since they were kids. Fear of rejection and his own romantic complications prevented Duffy from confessing his true feelings in high school, so he stood by and watched her wed Wayne Bowman right after high school. Wayne had always been a cheapskate, so it comes as no surprise when he suffers a fatal accident while fixing his own truck.

Even as her family and friends invade Lucy’s life and insist that the new widow is too fragile to do much beyond weeping, Lucy is ashamed to admit that life without Wayne is easier, less complicated. After all, no one knew what a relentless, soul-grinding trudge marriage to Wayne had been. Only Duffy can tell she’s hiding something.

In need of a fresh start, Lucy asks Duffy to put his cabinet-building skills to use, transforming the town’s meat shop into a bake shop. As the bakery takes shape, Lucy and Duffy discover the spark that pulled them together so many years ago. Could this finally be the second chance he’s always hoped for?

*I received a free copy from the publisher and chose to leave a voluntary review. Thank you!*

I read the first two book in the series and really enjoyed them. Now we finally get Duffy, those following my reviews know that I have been waiting for Duffy’s story and I’m happy to report the wait was worth it.

That being said, it is no secret that I liked Duffy, after reading this book I liked him even more since we get to know him so much better.

I also really liked Lucy and it just made sense for those two to be together. Of course it takes a while for them to see it, and Lucy hesitation as a widow was completely understandable.

Of course the Mc Creedys must meddle as they also can see that Duffy and Lucy belong together. Of course I enjoyed the setting and place that we know and love from previous book but maybe a little bit more since Lucy opens and own and bakery. I must say I got a sweet tooth reading this book, lol. Of course we see some familiar faces and get some much needed updates and it is was fun seeing everyone again.

We also get a lot of humor and silliness that we know from these books that I enjoyed. Overall I really liked this book and loved seeing Duffy and also Lucy get their HEA. There were a few over the top moments but mostly I really loved it.

I hope we get to come back for more in the future to this fun and vibrant world that Molly Harper created here.

I rate it 4★




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