The Millionaire’s Deception by Wendy Byrne

The Millionaire's DeceptionSynopsis:
He always wins. And she never gives up…
Rafe McCall has a reputation as the Closer. He rakes in serious cash to make deals happen. Convincing small restaurant owner Frankie Ritacco to sell his business for property development should have been a piece of cake. So Rafe blows into Wilcox, Iowa on his Harley, convinced the deal is all but done. But he is so, so wrong…
For starters, “Frankie” is a woman. A stunning, stubborn woman who wants to preserve her idyllic small town. The Crossroads Café is a family legacy Frankie plans to leave to her future children, and there is no way she’s selling—even to a sexy millionaire who makes her heart race. But her café is in serious trouble, and Rafe must decide if he can close the deal…or if he’s found the deal breaker of a lifetime.

My thoughts:
I somewhat struggled with this book, or rather the characters in the book. The story was really enjoyable when it didn’t come to how them lusting after each other or how he really shouldn’t be doing this and how this or that was something new to him. I really enjoyed the background story, broken home , loss and so on but when it came to each other I really didn’t care for it that much, it just seemed a little over the top sometimes.
About the characters: Umm Frankie really got on my nerves with her constant “Yowaza” and “Ms. Francesca” which was like her inner goddess . It was a little too much and made her seem a little in mature when she really wasn’t. I liked her story and what she does and how she stood for what she believed in. But when it came to Rafe it was just annoying.

Rafe well he also had some strong points and some not so strong points. I liked is backstory and how hard he worked for everything he now has. But sometimes he just didn’t make any sense. Like at one point he says how he is so much like Frankie, straight forward and you get what you see, and a few pages later he says how is lying to her about everything except his name and job and job not even the whole story ?! So how can you be so straight forward if you done nothing but lie. That really didn’t make any sense to me unless he was just lying to himself but that should have been addressed in the book. And some things are being addressed but not that.
Overall it was an okay read not bad but not that great either. It is a fast read that if you overlook some of the characters flaws can really be enjoyed. Like I said I liked their story and their background there were just the few other things that I disliked.
I rate this book at 2 ½ ★


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*I received a free ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!


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