The Mistress Experiment (Mistress #1) by Elizabeth Otto

The Mistress ExperimentSynopsis:

“A gentleman would get to know you patiently, intimately, before demanding anything of your body. Tonight, I’m not going to be a gentleman.”

For wealthy British surgeon Isaac Kimball, being the good guy comes naturally. Caring for Chicago’s poorest fills his days and keeps his other side—the dark one that craves sensuality and control—at bay. When Isaac is prevented from saving a charity he loves, an acquaintance offers him a proposition: transform a woman from the streets into a sophisticated mistress who can pass in London high society, in exchange for the charity’s salvation. A ridiculous suggestion until he realizes he knows the perfect woman—one with an understated sexuality and sharp wit that continually tempt his control.

Mila DePardo counts the days until she can get off the streets and put her criminal past behind her. When Dr. Kimball offers her a ticket out of hell and into the glitter of London society, lying about her identity is easy. Until the chemistry between them starts to crack her no-sex rule, and the pleasure of Isaac’s touch changes everything she thought she wanted.

When the truth starts to unravel and Isaac’s own secrets come to play, Mila’s will and belief in herself is put to the test. She might win the mistress experiment, but can she survive him?

My thoughts:

This was a great fun read, it kind of reminded me of Pretty Woman, just that Mila is not a hooker. But the overall story, poor girl has a business agreement with a rich guy and they end up falling in love 🙂 

I really liked Mila and her character seemed real , not to perfect but great but also has some flaws, in her case it is more her history trying to catch up with her. Isaac, took me a little getting used to. I was not a fan of him right away but he grew on me.  

I really liked the overall story it was well written and easy to follow . Had a little of everything and some pretty steamy scenes.

I really recommend this book if you like contemporary romance.

I rate it at 4 ★and I  can’t wait to see what Elizabeth Otto pulls out of her hat for the next book.


*I received a free ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!




Available November 5th 2014:

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