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Today’s stop is for JM Stewart’s Propositioning the Playboy. We will have info about the book and author, a great excerpt from the book, plus a great giveaway. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway.
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Rule #1: Don’t fall in love. Rule #2…see rule #1…
Grace Williams doesn’t need a hero. She can take care of herself, thank you
very much. Surviving foster care and becoming a respected scientist
certainly taught her how. Now, she’s finally ready to do something
for herself and have a baby. All she’ll need is a genetically blessed
donor who won’t get any ideas in his head about sticking around after
the job’s done. And she has the perfect gorgeous, commitment-phobic
donor in mind.
Liam McNamara doesn’t want a relationship. Being abandoned by his mother
at a young age and his failed marriage cured him of any romantic
notions he might’ve had. But when his best friend’s sexy older sister
asks him for a favor, he can’t say no. And if he manages to give her
a few–or a few hundred–orgasms in the process? All the better. It’s
a winning proposition all the way around.
It’s not long before their best laid plans are blown out of the water by
the last thing either of them expected to get out of the
deal–genuine feelings. Maybe love isn’t such a losing proposition
after all…
Easily read as a standalone!

Out the corner of his eye, he caught her movement first, as she took a step toward him. He looked up just as her body came up against his. She stared again, in that probing way she was so damn good at, and his heart hammered. All he could do was stand and wait.

For her to say something. For the fallout of his confession.

What he expected from her, he couldn’t be sure, but Grace took his face in her hands and leaned in, pressed her mouth to his. It was a gentle sort of kiss, a soft sip and the silky slide of her lips over his. As if she were trying him out for the first time, seeing how it felt to kiss him.

The hands holding his cheeks trembled, and the tiny tremors moved through him, from the point of contact outward. Until he was shaking right along with her.

“What are we doing?” Despite his question, he couldn’t force herself to push her away. Rather, his arms seemed to grow a mind of their own, winding around her, drawing her closer. Until she was flush against him, her breasts pushing into his chest, her hips resting against the aching bulge in his jeans.

A soft, shuddering breath left her, her hot breath mingling with his. Her tongue slid along his lower lip, seeking access. When he couldn’t do anything but open for her, she pushed inside. The first tentative slide of her tongue against his made him lose his damn mind. He backed her against the wall beside the French doors and leaned into her. Sank his hands in her hair and drank her in, fulfilled all his fantasies of her and created a few more.

This. He needed this. Her mouth, her body…her. All of it.

Not once did she ask him to stop or even attempt to push him away. The way he’d always assumed she would. The way she ought to. Rather, as he nibbled and licked and tasted his way across her jawline, her hands slid up his back.

“What if I asked you for help with something else?” She bent her head, her supple, full lips grazing his shoulder. The touch was barely there and tentative, like her kiss, but it lit a fire over his skin. Goose bumps shivered up his arms, and his cock hardened to the point of pain.

He groaned quietly, rocked his hips into hers, desperate to ease the ache she’d created. Only her. She was the only person capable of dousing this flame. “What’s that?”

Some part of his brain shouted a warning at him, told him Jake could come down the hallway at any second and catch them. Reminded him he was breaking a promise. But her lips… God, they were soft, and they were skimming up the side of his neck. Every inch of skin she touched caught fire, and he couldn’t bring himself to care enough to stop. Her mouth on his body was a fantasy come to life. She could ask for the moon right then, and he’d find a way to wrangle it for her, if only she wouldn’t stop.

JM Stewart writes heartfelt contemporary romance. Whether the heat level
is sizzling or sweet, her stories are always deeply emotional. Her
heroes are strong but sensitive (no alpha jerks here!), and her
heroines are more Cinderella than Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Recently transplanted, she now lives in a small town in Texas along with her
husband, two sons and two very spoiled dogs. When not writing, she
enjoys reading, cooking and playing computer games. As a sensitive
soul with a romantic heart, she believes in angels and hopes everyone
finds their happily ever after.
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  1. Tracy Urschler says:

    Great cover and book excerpt! I’m looking forward to reading 🙂

  2. Sunnymay says:

    The male on the cover looks ready to devour the female. The background with red and orange streaks adds to the drama. I like the passionate cover.