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Today’s stop is for Richard DeVall’s The Hypnotist’s Assistant. We will have info about the book and author, a great excerpt from the book, plus a great giveaway. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway.
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When 13 year old Gary Crockett hypnotizes Earl Lancaster and Earl stands
from his wheelchair everything changes for both of them. Gary
suspects Earl of lying about his paralysis and Gary’s mom thinks
Earl is sexy and a business genius. Before long all three need to
leave town in a hurry.
This coming of age tale is full of surprises and quirky characters,
twisted circumstances and weird resolutions. It’s a breezy look at
race relations, ladyboys, virginity, snake biting churches and meditation.
The novel is a one day read and sprinkled with humor.
The Hypnotist’s Assistant explores healing, romance, religion, deception,
dysfunction, inspiration, gender, addiction and loss.
What begins as an extraordinary event ends with new found love, true
friendship and hope. Bottom line – this book ultimately does what
books do, it brings the reader entertainment and escape.
**Only .99 cents or FREE May 22nd – 26th!!**
Before the weekend was over Channel 8 had a live interview with Mr. Acres and was scouring the town to have a little sit – down with Gary Crockett, Oroville’s own miracle worker. They found him at his neighbor’s house, Earl Lancaster’s home. Wendy Stulman held her microphone out toward the 13 – year – old and smiled her redheaded TV smile. “Gary did you hear about Coach Acres winning the Lions Club raffle?”
“Well, he certainly did. And he said his back doesn’t hurt anymore and his bank account went up, just like you said it would when you hypnotized him.”
Gary was dumbfounded. Inside his mind a small marching band, previously staged in the deep shadows of his grey matter, began to lift their horns and strut into the bright lights of Gary’s consciousness. He was a superhero! Earl was right; he was a healer and a prophet and a gift to mankind. He literally felt his 13 – year – old feet lift off the ground. He always thought there was a chance, an outside bet that he’d be something special. Like a singer or a movie star. But now, it was all so clear, he was meant to help his fellow man and maybe rake in a wad of money as he did it. Why not? People pay doctors a boatload of green even when the doctor doesn’t do anything for them. They get paid either way, like a weatherman. “Oops didn’t see that storm coming.” And it all pays the same.
So he was better than a doctor, a weatherman, a stock broker, or a politician. He could deliver the goods, follow through on his promises. He was touched by an angel; something about him had prompted God himself to infuse him with a special power. In a flash he saw the girls coming, a slow parade of beautiful cheerleaders and the like. He’d be meeting with Madonna, Destiny’s Child, Pink and Janet Jackson. He’d become friends with Matchbox Twenty and 3 Doors Down. It exploded in his head and Earl watched the kid’s expression change as his head expanded with a bunch of crazy expectations.
“How do you do it?” Wendy asked.
“It’s a gift.”
“It sure is. What happens when this gift flows through your hands and enters the other person?”
Richard DeVall was born in Virginia near the Washington D.C. border. He
worked as a 1st Class Steam Engineer in D.C. and then became a class
A General Contractor. He now lives in Richmond Virginia where he’s
retired and fulfilling a lifetime dream of publishing books. He like
books of all flavors and is always working on at least two novels at
any given time.
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  1. Audrey Stewart says:

    Thanks for the intro to Richard DeVall and his work. I look forward to reading his books.

  2. Richard Devall says:

    Thanks for your interest