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Today’s stop is for Derek Shupert’s Dead State: Fallout. We will have info about the book and author, a great excerpt from the book, plus a great giveaway. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway.
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When the dead rise, he’ll either find his family or end up a ravenous corpse…
Fifteen-year-old James would much rather hang with friends than go hunting
with his survivalist dad. But the boring weekend trip turns into a living
horror when they’re attacked by an undead horde. Terrified and
confused, James has no choice but to escape with his trusty dog
through a forest stained with blood…
Teaming up with his best friend, James frantically fights his way back to his
missing family. But on a trail of clues littered with corpses,
reaching his loved ones means venturing deeper into the deadly unknown…
Can James reunite with his family before he’s consumed by a relentless
pack of zombies?
Fallout is the first book in a gritty post-apocalyptic series. If you like
spine-crawling suspense, ruthless zombies, and rugged survival
stories, then you’ll love Derek Shupert’s dark coming-of-age tale.
Buy Fallout to unlock an infectious thriller today!
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Dad presses his index finger to his chapped lips. He doesn’t speak a single word. His eyes narrow and fix on me, and a look of concern floods his face. He leans in closer to whisper in my ear.
“Don’t move or make any sounds what-so-ever.” He grabs my chin, and turns it to the right. A figure looms in the shadows of the brush. He doesn’t appear to be a hunter or hiker. There’s no visible weapon or backpack that can be seen.
He stays low, crouched within the thicket of foliage. He slowly advances forward, taking great care to not alert the injured deer to his presence. His precise movement’s mimic that of a cougar watching its prey. Dissecting and plotting his point of attack from his concealment.
After a few moments, he sprints out of the darkness, and stumbles into the little bit of light that remains.

Derek Shupert is an emerging Science Fiction Author known for his
captivating dystopian storylines and post-apocalyptic-laden plots.
With various books and anthologies underway, he is also the author of
the Afflicted series and Sentry Squad.
Outside of the fantastical world of sci-fi, Derek serves as the Vice
President at Woodforest National Bank. During his free time, he
enjoys reading, exercising, and watching apocalyptic movies and TV
shows like Mad Max and The Walking Dead. Above all, he is a family
man who cherishes nothing more than quality time spent with his loved ones.

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4 Replies to “Blog Tour: Dead State: Fallout by Derek Shupert with Excerpt and Giveaway”

  1. Julie Bickham says:

    Looks like its going to be a interesting story.

  2. Tracy Urschler says:

    Thrilling cover! Looks like a great post-apocalyptic book!

  3. Thanks! It has gotten great feedback from the readers so far. Has reached best selller status on Amazon!