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Today’s stop is for Brooke Ellis’s Charmed Empire. We will have info about the book and author, an great excerpt from the book, plus a great giveaway. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway.
Happy Reading 🙂 

A simple key-ring charm throws an empire into chaos.
Their 24-hour holiday romance began at the Statue of Liberty, the key-ring charm he gave her is a constant reminder.
Ten years later Adeline returns to New York to find, unexpectedly, re-kindled lust and love. Turmoil follows as his powerful mother barges into their lives.
A violent act causes tensions to explode at a high-profile fund-raiser, love and marriages are threatened as secrets from long-ago have a very public climax


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Ticket firmly clutched in my hand, the sun warms my body against the brisk May breeze coming off the water as it nips at my skin. I wait patiently behind the barricade for the ferry to arrive and then depart again from Battery Park. People-watching is one of my favorite pastimes, especially with New York’s diverse culture—a most enjoyable way to spend some free time.
I brush my unruly curls from my face and glance up to no specific point in the distance, when my eyes fall upon him standing amongst the waiting crowd. He flashes a grin and holds my gaze for a quick moment. I feel my cheeks instantly flush from the attention. The heat only subsides when he casts his eyes elsewhere. Damn, he reminds me of Alex. Maybe I do have a type after all. Fresh memories of my now ex come flooding back, the trust and love of our three years together destroyed in one fell swoop the day we graduated from high school. Not only did I lose my then boyfriend, Alex Jones, but also my best friend of fourteen years, Emma Preston. Being burned by two of the closest people in the world to me has left me seriously questioning any and all future relationships. Shaking my head, almost to attempt to shake their memory free from my mind, I look up and take in the diminishing Manhattan skyline as we pull away further from the dock.
The ferry cuts across the Hudson River en route to Lady Liberty. I love the choppy, rough waters and seeing the white foamy almost marshmallow wake at the foot of the stern. Sea spray mists over my face in a fine gossamer haze, and it reminds me of when I was a child on my father’s fishing boat in a blisteringly hot Australian summer.
“It’s pretty peaceful out here on the back of the boat, isn’t it?”
“The stern,” I reply as I turn around. “The back of a boat is the stern.”
“Well, I stand corrected, Ms. Boating 101,” he says, a little tongue-in-cheek.
It was him, Mr. Tall Dark, and my heart skipped a beat. “Sorry, having grown up on boats, I can’t help myself with terminology. It can look peaceful, its power is immense, it always pays to be mindful, you know … respect the sea, never take it for granted. It can be quietly destructive.”
“Many things in life can be,” he says rather pensively.
“Well that’s a deep notion for a light-hearted trip to the Statue of Liberty.”
He smiles a broad, full, beautiful toothy smile that takes confidence to pull off—and he oozes it. All six-I’m guessing-four of him. Those eyes! Deep green, languid, like large pools of water somewhere in the Greek Islands that you want to dive into. He looks as though he’s of Western European decent, chiseled strong jawline, deep-set eyes and a bronzy olive complexion with a shock of dark brown almost black hair that’s longish on top but short up the back, like a modern quiff.

Spending most of her life in Sydney, Australia, before moving back to her hometown of Brisbane, Brooke worked as a chef in many a steamy hot kitchen. Which provided the perfect segue into writing equally steamy hot contemporary romance books. Letting her imagination run wild, she set out writing her first novel in 2017, which turned into a second and third in 2018.

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