Review: Hall of Souls & the Book of the Fairies(Meridian Chronicles #1) by M.D. Fryson




In a panic, the spirit guides seek an ally with the Fairy Queen who has her own agenda. With empty promises and tricks Meridian, her father and her best friend Relic go to the witch city of Salem in search of the Fairy Quartz on Halloween kept by a local witch coven in Salem. The last but most dangerous quest is the voyage to the dark realm alongside the fallen spirit guide Talon. There Meridian must answer the demon’s riddle, save her best friend and escape the demon realm. With the help of a once spirit guide cast away as a fallen, she finds an ironic refuge in his help and escapes with the Fairy Book only to see through the fairy tricks.

With her own love triangle surrounding her as she endures her quests for their existence, she finds herself pulling from her best friend Relic who is in love with her and hanging onto Kieren her new crush who is in a Fairy induced slumber. She can’t quite let her thoughts steer away from the human boy, Aiden who she discovers is the son of the very fallen spirit guide accompanies her on her journey.

With the council trial and Warrick’s undoubted hatred, Meridian is stifled by sadness for her father after he is cast in the hall of souls. She flees for Earth in search for Aiden breaking Warrick’s law at the cost of being cast to Earth as a demon. Warrick’s curse takes an unexpected turn when Meridian isn’t quite what he intended for her to emerge as. With the off-chance encounter with Aiden after months of his absence and her new identity she is faced with her curse and her desire to be with Aiden

*I received a free copy from the publisher and chose to leave a voluntary review. Thank you!*

I’m not going to lie. The beginning of this book was a bit rough, you just get thrown into the world of Meridian, her family and friends and have to figure out what is what and who is who. The world seems massive, confusing and new. On top there are so, so many characters that I can see why people quit.

That being said I’m glad I stuck to it. It does get better and easier to understand.  I really liked the concept and the story. I really enjoyed the world building once it was slowed down, further in to the story and easier to understand. I also really enjoyed Meridian, she was strong and had her funny and snarky moments, I liked that she was relatable in some things like not always doing the right thing.

Overall, while yes the beginning was a bit rocky and choppy I did end up really enjoying it. I think maybe a Glossary of sorts would be a helpful to new and even current readers.
I’m looking forward to see what happens next .

I rate it 4 ★

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