Burned (Fever #7) by Karen Marie Moning


It’s easy to walk away from lies. Power is another thing.

MacKayla Lane would do anything to save the home she loves. A gifted sidhe-seer, she’s already fought and defeated the deadly Sinsar Dubh—an ancient book of terrible evil—yet its hold on her has never been stronger.

When the wall that protected humans from the seductive, insatiable Fae was destroyed on Halloween, long-imprisoned immortals ravaged the planet. Now Dublin is a war zone with factions battling for control. As the city heats up and the ice left by the Hoar Frost King melts, tempers flare, passions run red-hot, and dangerous lines get crossed.

Seelie and Unseelie vie for power against nine ancient immortals who have governed Dublin for millennia; a rival band of sidhe-seers invades the city, determined to claim it for their own; Mac’s former protégé and best friend, Dani “Mega” O’Malley, is now her fierce enemy; and even more urgent, Highland druid Christian MacKeltar has been captured by the Crimson Hag and is being driven deeper into Unseelie madness with each passing day. The only one Mac can depend on is the powerful, dangerous immortal Jericho Barrons, but even their fiery bond is tested by betrayal.

It’s a world where staying alive is a constant struggle, the line between good and evil gets blurred, and every alliance comes at a price. In an epic battle against dark forces, Mac must decide who she can trust, and what her survival is ultimately worth.


My thoughts:

Okay to be honest after Iced I wasn’t sure if I would read Burned, I really didn’t like Iced as much as the other books in the series. And just to be clear, it had nothing to do with Dani’s age, that didn’t bother me, it was Dani herself was that got on my nerves. So when I read that we get Mac and JZB back I knew I would give it a try. This Book is a 180 from Iced in my opinion and we are back to the way the books used to be.

I would suggest you read the glossary that is at the end of the book first to reintroduce yourself with all the major characters and places form prior books.

While I was happy to have Mac’s POV back, I didn’t quite expect it to be that much but it was good either way.

The book picks up right where Iced left off but also Shadowfever since we get mainly Mac’s POV and she was not much in Iced. We learn what her and JZB were up to after Shadowfever and during Iced.  She still has the Sinsar Dubh in her and at some points she came over a little annoying and whiny about it. But things turn around for her when something unexpected happens with her and the book. I loved that part; it gave us a great way to learn more about other characters, which we might not have known otherwise.

JZB , well he is JZB the one and only , just the way we love him. Some new things come to light about him and Roydan , but I always kind of figured that.

The only thing I like more than JZB is Ryodan. Most readers loved JZB and I do to but for me Roydan was always number one and with that being said I was uber happy to read and learn more about him in this book. We get to see a much more complex side of him. I can’t wait to read more about him, I have a feeling I know where the future books are heading and if so .. I’m not sure if I going to like (sharing him) it .lol

Since we get multiple POVs in this book we also get Lor and he was also one of my other favorites, he is just too damn funny but like the rest of the 9 there is much more to him than he wants anybody to know.

Dani, okay now to Dani. Like I said before I’m not a huge fan of her but I did think we would get more of her in this book. I kind of missed her. Ha that is something I thought I never say .Anyways, the whole age issue that bothered so many people in Iced is being taking care of in true fever fashion that means in some weird unexpected way. I don’t want to give too much away but I have to say that while I like the “older” Dani I also miss the younger Dani. If that makes any sense, it will make more sense when you read the book I suppose.

Christian and dancer are not as much in this book and I missed them , I really hope we get more of them in the next book.

I also a little confused for a while but it all made sense in the end.

Now to the down part of the book, while I loved the multiple POVs I also thought there were a few to many.  We have Mac, Lor, Christian, Dani, Jada, Kat and more I can’t recall right now but that are a lot. We get mainly Mac’s but once in a while we get all the others. Less is more sometimes and here I would have wanted less but overall it was okay.

The ending was a somewhat cliffhanger but nothing too major, I thought most of the things were wrapped up nicely and the rest left open for future books.

All in all it was a great read and I’m glad I picked it up and rate it at 4 ½ ★


Some of my favorite quotes:

“I’ll give you a choice. Kill me.”

“By definition ‘choice’ mandates a minimum of two possible avenues of action.”

“I wasn’t done. Or kiss me. But do one or the other. Before I do one or the other to you.”


“Fear of the power you believe someone or something has over you is nothing but a jail cell you choose to walk into. By obsessing over freeing yourself from the Book, you became more certainly a prisoner. “


Don’t make me hunt you, Princess, you’ll become my sole target, my obsession, my compulsion, my undying homicidal fantasy, the object of my every fucking thought and inclination, and the more time I have to contemplate what I’m going to do to you when I find you—”


She is waiting her time. It’s never going to happen. There isn’t a submissive bone in my body. I’m alpha to the motherfucking core



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