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Today’s stop is for Aubrey Bondurant’s Teach Me Something. We will have info about the book and author, and a great excerpt from a book, plus a great giveaway Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway.
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Catherine Davenport is successful in her career, but doesn’t have the same skill when it comes to her love life. After a painful divorce, she’s finding the new world of dating both intimidating and frustrating.

Tired of striking out, she takes the extreme measure of enlisting the help of an instructor in a private club who offers sessions on how to improve her dating strategy as well as her overall sexual confidence.

‘Calvin’, the masked man with the piercing blue eyes and husky voice not only challenges her to step out of her comfort zone, but encourages her to unlock her repressed adventurous side with various lessons.

She feels like she’s making progress until her worlds collide and the identity of the man privy to her most intimate details is shockingly revealed as someone she knows.

Can Catherine put her insecurities aside to take a chance on love where she least expected it, or will her past interfere with her ability to plan a future with the one

man who truly knows the real her.


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Excerpt Teach Me Something

Surprisingly, he stayed with me at the table after she left, waiting for me to finish up my last glass of wine. “Has Kenzie been helping you all weekend with the texting?”

“Only tonight. But Haylee and Sasha assisted yesterday. Someday I’ll get the hang of it on my own.” I laughed but realized his eyes had narrowed. Had I said something to offend him?

“Don’t you feel like he may be getting someone who isn’t really you?”

“Uh, he’s getting me, just a flirtier version who’s more fun. Does it really matter?” I found it odd that he cared.

He sighed. “I guess not. I think I’m calling it a night. Are you on the eight o’clock flight tomorrow morning to New York?”

Haylee had offered me the opportunity to travel back with her family on the private jet in the late afternoon, but I’d wanted to get an early start on my return, so I’d opted for commercial. “I am. We could share a car to the airport if you’d like?” I downed the rest of my wine, thinking it was about time to get up to my own room, pack, and call it a night.

“Yeah, that sounds good.” He stood up and walked with me to the elevator where he pressed the button for our floor—we were all on the same one.

Since Calvin wasn’t actually someone I was seeing, I decided to ignore Kenzie’s advice about sending another text and typed out one last message to him.

“Good night. See you on Tuesday.”

He watched me curiously and then physically winced when his phone chirped in his pocket, indicating an incoming text.

“Weird timing,” I muttered. My eyes traveled to his strong hands and forearms, a sight that I’d memorized during my meetings with Calvin. Snapping my eyes to the uncannily familiar blue ones, I observed the deep red he was turning and fought my panic.

It couldn’t be.

One way to find out. I hit the call button and listened to the ringtone of his phone immediately come to life.

….. was Calvin.

Calvin was ……

Oh, God. The air seemed to be evaporating from the small space in the elevator, and I suddenly couldn’t breathe.

“How long?” I barely got out, feeling my face hot with humiliation.

He knew what I was asking and didn’t bother to deny anything, instead looking me straight in the eyes. “Only since you texted me the picture of your martini glass earlier, but it’s not a big deal, really.”

“Not a big deal?” I could feel my voice rising. Since the elevator was dinging on our floor, I lowered it, afraid I’d be overheard. “I gave you a list, and we talked about—” I couldn’t begin to go there in my head. The things I’d discussed with Calvin—



Excerpt Teaser-Teach Me Something


Aubrey Bondurant is a working mom who loves to write, read and travel.

She describes her writing style as: “Adult Contemporary Erotic Romantic Comedy”. (How’s that for a mouthful?) Picture chick-lit with the sex scenes or “smutty chick lit” and there you have it!

When Aubrey isn’t working her day job, or spending time with her family, she’s on her laptop typing away on her next story. She only wishes there were more hours of the day!

She’s a former member of the U.S. Marine Corps and passionate about veteran charities and giving back to the community. She loves a big drooly dog, a fantastic margarita, and football.



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