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Today’s stop is for Shannyn Schroeder’s Between Love and Loyalty. We will have info about the book and author, and a great excerpt from the book, plus a great giveaway Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway.
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When at war, aim for the heart…

Connor Duffy is desperate. His tell-all book on corrupt Chicago alderman Brady Cavanagh isn’t telling enough to get publisher interest, and in order to get the hot dirt, he must find a way to get closer to the man who let Connor go to prison to cover for his own son’s misdeeds. So when fate puts Cavanagh’s lively, artsy daughter across Connor’s path, he decides to take advantage of the first bit of good luck he’s had in a long while.

… but don’t forget to keep your own under guard.

Fiona Cavanagh needs a break. Between assisting with her father’s political campaign, trying to please her unpleasable mother, and dealing with an ex who won’t go away, she has no time for a life of her own. One night she meets sexy and mysterious Connor and everything looks like it’s about to finally turn around… until she discovers that the one man she thought she could love was using her for her father’s power, just like all the others. As dark family secrets unravel around her, Fiona finds herself caught between love… and loyalty.


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Her eyes popped open. “Starved. What’s for dinner?”

“Hot dogs and s’mores.”

“Are we ten?”

“You said you’ve never been camping. Everyone’s first camping experience should be hot dogs over an open flame and s’mores.” He slid away from her body to go to the tent where he’d parked the cooler. “You’re not vegetarian or something, are you?”

She laughed. “No. But what would you have done if I was?”

He shrugged. “Drive into town to buy you something to eat.” He grabbed the skewers and hot dogs from the cooler. “There’s beer in the cooler if you want one.”

“Sounds great. One for you too?”


She popped the top on two bottles as he ripped open the package of hot dogs. He’d thought about bringing his campfire stove, but decided against it. No need to do anything fancy for one night of camping. Maybe they could come back in the spring and spend a long weekend.

Whoa. She wasn’t supposed be around in the spring.

He skewered a hot dog and handed the stick to Fiona. “Why can’t you be yourself around your mother?”

Her hand holding the beer twitched. He broke the rules by asking the question, but he deserved to know, didn’t he?

“Because she has certain expectations that I always fall short of no matter how much I try.”

“Then why try?”

“You promised no questions about my family.”

He lifted a shoulder like it didn’t matter. It was the most she’d said about her family and it still wasn’t much of anything.

He charred his hot dog until near black and then pulled it from the flames.

“That’s gross. It’s burnt.”

“It’s the way I like it.” He put it on a bun and added ketchup and mustard.

Fiona kept her hot dog at the edge of the fire, barely making any marks on it. Then she squirted ketchup directly onto the dog.

“I brought buns.”

“I like it like this.”

Then she proceeded to eat a hot dog so obscenely, he couldn’t believe his eyes. All he wanted was her naked again. She licked the ketchup as it dripped down the length. When her lips circled it, he groaned, even though he knew a bite would come next.

She chomped hard and laughed with a mouthful.

“You’re an evil woman.” He tossed the rest of his food to Max and advanced on Fiona. Her eyes widened, but she held her position. He stripped her coat from her body and lowered his head to kiss her.




Shannyn Schroeder is the author of the O’Leary series and the For Your Love Series – contemporary romances centered around large Irish-American families in Chicago. She also authors the Hot & Nerdy series about nerdy friends finding love. When she’s not wrangling her three kids or writing, she watches a ton of TV and loves to bake cookies.


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