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Today’s stop is for K.C. Finn’s Legion Books. We will have info about the books and author, and a great excerpt from the book, plus a great giveaway. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway.
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Legion Lost
One Underground girl escapes from a soldiers’ raid. Lost and above
ground for the very first time, she has only one option to secure her
survival: the Legion—a government organization for teenagers with
no place left to run. Leave your identity at the gate, and join a
life of military service until you reach adulthood. It sounds ideal,
but the Underground girl knows that the System won’t stop looking
for its female runaway. So, she tells a lie about her gender.
And it will change her forever.
Posing as Raja, a boy-soldier, the Underground girl is thrown into Legion
life at its full, brutal speed. Here, she meets Senior Commander
Briggs, whose savage authority reigns over the teenage soldiers.
Amongst them are a band of oddballs known as the South Tower Rejects,
led by Stirling, a tall, savvy stranger with bright copper hair and
eyes that shine like oceans. There’s something hiding behind his
cocky smile, and Raja wants to know what it is.
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Legion Found
The heart-wrenching sequel to Kindle Press’s LEGION LOST has arrived. As
our heroine Raja suffers with intense grief, her new identity as a
Highland rebel soldier is about to be put to the test. As part of an
intrepid rescue mission, she and her fellow Highlanders will travel
south to infiltrate the System itself, discovering the fresh horrors
that Governor Prudell has subjected her people to. Death, destruction
and all-out war awaits, and nothing can prepare them for the terror
of the truth.
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Legion Found
“Whoa,” says a voice near the doorway to the chamber.
It takes me a moment to break the glare that Sun and I are sharing, but the sight of Goddie and Apryl is a welcome relief when I spot them entering the room. Apryl has a small bag of provisions which she hands me, and I sling it over my shoulder as my gaze rests on Goddie. He’s looking me over, his mouth open a little.
“I know. Don’t say it,” I tell him. “I look ridiculous.”
“No,” Goddie says gently. “I mean… ya don’t look like you, dat’s for sure. But ya look… good. Okay.”
“Wow,” Apryl adds dryly. “That was charming. You’re just full of backhanded compliments today.”
“I,” Goddie begins at once, wincing at me apologetically. “No, I don’t mean dat, I mean… Oh hell, ya know what I mean, right?”
“Seldom if ever,” I tell him.
But really, I do know. I must look different, so radically different from normal. And yet this is how I was supposed to turn out, I presume. Mumma’s little girl. Long hair and dresses. Pretty as a picture.
“So long as it gets me in and out unnoticed,” I add quickly, feeling the redness in my cheeks. “As soon as we know where Dad is, we can make a move.”
“Kip’s waiting for you on the surface,” Apryl tells me with a nod. “He’s going to tail you both back to the walls in case there’s any trouble. But I want you to take this.”
She reaches into her pocket, then forces something small and cold into my hand. It’s a brooch, apparently made of gold, and it has a black stone set in the centre that glistens a little strangely. The circular piece of jewellery has a pin on the back for it to be secured on clothing. When I don’t do anything with the brooch except stare at it, Apryl huffs and then takes it back. I watch her pinning it to one side of my dress, a little to the right of my heart.
“What’s that?” Sun asks sharply, eyeing the brooch.
“A camera,” Apryl explains. “Delilah and I rigged it up back at the base. Direct feed back to our computers and tablets here.”
“We’ll see everything you do,” Delilah adds.
When I glance towards her, I realise she’s looking directly at Sun Lin. Sun, for her part, seems to pale a little at the eyes on her, but soon she shrugs the comment off in that haughty way of hers.
“Enjoy the show,” she says with a curling smile.
K.C. Finn was born and raised in Cardiff, South Wales, where her love
for storytelling grew at a precociously young age. After developing
the medical condition M.E. / C.F.S., Kim turned to writing to escape
the pressures of disabled living, only to become hooked on the
incredible world of publishing.
Kim spends most of her time locked in the writing cave with an obscenely
large mug of tea. When not writing, she can be found pursuing her PhD
in Linguistics, watching classic British comedy, or concocting evil
schemes in the secret laboratory in her attic.

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