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Today’s post is for R.A. Zaugg’s Hunt of the Fallen. We will have info about the books and author. A great interview with R.A. As well as a great giveaway. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway.

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Ralin is an outsider among outsiders. The powerful Users, who can manipulate their souls to create unique and powerful abilities, shun him for his lack of inborn power. And even among his fellow exiles, he must hide his past. On the very day that he finds a lasting purpose for his life, everything is turned completely upside down.
Wanted by the government, pursued by monsters and mercenaries, and plagued by strange nightmares, Ralin must travel beyond everything he has ever known to discover what is so important about him that such powerful people want him as an ally, or want him dead. To survive, he must learn to befriend and trust soldiers, thieves, and even giant felines. Every one of these allies will be pushed to the limit as they battle rock monsters, traitors, the undead, and even Ralin himself.


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“All writers must have cats, especially if they write fantasy or speculative fiction.” Do you have a stand on this one? Any cute pictures of your kitty or other pet?

         I do prefer cats to dogs, but I prefer not to own a pet. I don’t like the idea of saying I own another living thing.

What organizations do you recommend for those wanting to become writers? Any advice you’d like to share about writing?

         I got some great advice from R.A. Salvatore once, though I don’t know if he got it from somewhere else. He wrote to me, “If you can stop, stop. If you can’t, you’re a writer.” This isn’t an easy thing to do, and being successful at it is even less likely. So if writing isn’t a necessity, something else might be more suited. Apart from that, I would say that it is necessary to surround yourself with fellow writers, of the highest caliber you can find. Getting critiques and advice about your writing is the only way it will get better.

What writers inspired you to become an author?

         There have been several writers that have inspired me. In no particular order, I would say the biggest ones are Robert Jordan, Terry Brooks, R.A. Salvatore, C.S. Lewis, Homer, and Douglas Adams.

What color would you wear if you had only one choice?

         Easy. Grey. Most of my clothes are grey anyway.

Any special appearances or events coming up that you want to mention?

         I don’t have any scheduled at this time.


R.A. Zaugg (1982-still kicking) was born in Ogden, Utah, to long-time Utahan parents
as the first of their brood. His childhood was filled with fun, friends, and
family values that have made him who he is today. His first novel “Hunt of
the Fallen” began on sticky notes as he worked in a gas station, and was
the spark that lit the fire of storytelling. With a bachelor’s degree in
Creative Writing, he is now working on his master’s degree. He currently lives
in Washington State with his wife and step-son.


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