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Hello Everyone,



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I’m sure some of you have been wondering why I have not posted much lately and didn’t post as many reviews the last month as well as the June round-up.

Well, my computer has been acting funny and slow for a while, first we thought it was the video card because it started when playing videos,but no it was not that. Well to make it short,mid June my entire computer wouldn’t even start anymore and we or more like my awesome hubby replaced pretty much everything, except the hard drive.Of course being my luck that was exactly what was wrong with it 🙁  So we got a new hard drive, planning on just recovering most of my files from the old one but of course again being my luck that also wouldn’t work.

That being said I lost EVERYTHING 🙁 All my files, photos, videos and all my review stuff, including several reviews for June that I have not posted yet.

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I will get my June round-up posted soon when I have all my programs back on the computer, but only for the books that I have reviews posted already. Books that I have reviewed and lost the review, I will only rate them on Goodreads and Booklikes for now. Some on Amazon. I will add them back on my re-read list and post a review later to make sure it is a fair review and I don’t get mixed up with other books I read.

I’m really sorry to the authors, that I can not post some of those reviews right away and only rate them for now. But I will do my best to get it all ironed out soon…. I hope.

Thank you for hopefully understanding 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. 🙁 That’s really sad! I’m obsessed with my files, have everything backed up on the cloud so I won’t lose anything.
    I also haven’t been around lately, I just don’t have the time..
    Hope all will be good soon.

  2. It happens to us all SnoopyDoo. Best of luck getting caught up with all your programs and work

    1. “It happens to all of us”….grrrrrrr it’s that left hand acting up again

  3. Oh poor you! I’m so sorry. At least you got it fixed. I lost all my coursework for 3/4 of a semester in grad school, so I just took the F rather than redo it all–I know how you feel 🙁

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